Kellie Haehnel

Kellie Haehnel feels that touch is the most powerful of our senses.  She chooses to touch other people's lives through empowerment by providing assistance to an individual's journey towards wellness which is about stepping out of our ordinary existence to listen and attune to our truest, most authentic self.  Her mission is to be a source of guidance, support and self-empowerment for all who seek it by offering heart-centered alternative modalities intended to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. 

Her personal mission is to inspire and empower others to fully live their authentic life with love and joy.


Energy and Sound Healing

Kellie is a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy Master, Life Force Energy Master, and a Level III Medical Intuitive.

It is important to remember that energetic medicine does not “cure” health problems. It addresses them specifically, makes energetic corrections, and re-balances the system. When this is done, blockages are removed at many different levels, and the individual and the body are together able to heal themselves. Energetic re-balancing helps to boost the immune system. This helps the body to function better, and thus heal itself faster.   

Energetic medicine does not just treat symptoms; it addresses the root cause of the health imbalance. This is why we must deal with each person on an individual basis. Every person’s problem is specific to them and requires an individual approach to healing.           


Success Coaching

 Coaching empowers and inspires others to discover their authentic self  and realize their dreams through love and harmony to the highest good of all.   

 As your Success Coach, I will provide inspirational motivation and support while assisting you in creating your ideal life!  I will help you stay on track as your Progress Accountability Partner by:

·  Gaining clarity on your purpose and/or goals

·  Helping you lay out strategies to reach your goals

·  Provide honest feedback on your progress

·  Cheer you on as you make bold and 

courageous leaps forward

·  Provide supportive energy and accountability        

each step of the way

·  Celebrate your “Wins” and “Growth”

Areas I can assist are:

·  Defining your purpose

·  Life transitions such as divorce or loss

·  Job transition (layoff or career change)

·  Start or enhance a spiritual practice

·  Any area where you need an accountability partner

In providing a safe and nurturing space for you to dig deep and discover who you truly are meant to be, you will receive the tools, support, and recognition you need to live the life 

you dream possible! 

Kellie is a Certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Train the Trainer and is available for speaking engagements.