The Spirit Wellness Center
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I felt so very comfortable with you during my toe reading and you almost made me cry because you were so right about so many things!  They were things I already knew but I just needed to hear someone else confirm them.  I believe that everything happens for a reason and you were meant to cross my life path.  Thank you very much!

~Christina G., FL

Thank you for making my first Reiki experience such a wonderful one.  I felt so peaceful during and after our session.  I know I will continue to feel the healing energy as the day goes on.  Thank you for being a loving, peaceful, intuitive instrument.

~ Joan

As a cancer patient, receiving Reiki from Kellie has been indescribable.  It enhances ones body, mind and spirit through allowing your body’s energy to feel more balanced and relaxed.  She makes you feel comfortable and gets to know you as a person before even beginning the session.  Kellie’s work has helped me rebound faster than ever after my chemotherapy treatments due to her passion to help others and understanding of one’s body.   After every session, I feel more “clearer” and my body feels stress-free.  My cancer is mostly located in my lungs and with Kellies help; Reiki has made them feel more open.  Reiki has also improved my neuropathy. Overall, Kellie’s work is remarkable and I recommend any person who has health complications or stress in their lives to make an appointment with her. 

~ Jess H

My Reiki sessions with Kellie were amazing!  Every session seems to be customized to my needs at the time.  Some sessions left me feeling very energized and other sessions I felt deeply relaxed.  I was having lower back issues and  experiencing quite a bit of pain until Kellie completely relieved my pain with one Reiki session.  Kellie is truly a master at what she does and I would highly recommend her services.

~ Lee C

I have been receiving Reiki sessions from Kellie for almost 2 years.  I feel so rejuvinated and cleared of many issues that bother me both physical and emotional.  Kellie definitely has a healing touch and a wonderful disposition.  You know you are in good hands.  

~ Jeni M.

I really enjoyed my Reiki session.   I slept great that night! 

~ Patricia T.

Kellie is a gentle and knowledgeable Reiki Master.  The third level training pulled all of the information Kellie shared with us in Level I and II together and solidified my understanding of Reiki.  Kellie also introduced us to crystal grids and a crystal pendulum.  I immediately purchased a rose quartz pendulum and use it when I have a yes/no questions.  So far, it is amazingly accurate!  I am going to start using it to help me identify low/no energy areas as well as other 'problem' areas.

Kellie's method of teaching instills confidence and empowerment to practice Reiki.  She is non-judgmental, compassionate, and a true source of Light.  Kellie has a very deep knowledge of many modalities and she has a knack for bringing the right information in at the right time to her audience.

On a personal note, as soon as I received the level III attunement, my spiritual ears (located just above my human ears, I think) started picking up very high frequencies.  I have really l0ud 'ringing' - it quiets down if I ask for it to be quieted down.  Additionally, my hands get hot when I even start to think about using Reiki.

I am very fortunate to have been introduced to Kellie.  She has been an inspiration and integral part of my spiritual development.

~Gail D. 

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